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Amazing Funding Options Now Open

Hello Realty411 Reader,  

You may have heard me talk about him before (or maybe not).  

But I have to tell you what Merrill Chandler and that crazy band of financial disrupters at CreditSense are doing NOW…

But I’ll get to that in a second…  

If you don’t know Merrill as well as I do, he has been helping thousands of real estate investors and note buyers nationwide acquire TRUE unsecured, stated-income, check-accessible, business lines of credit to fund their real estate or note-buying deals—to the tune of over $31,000,000!  

AND this is NOT a credit card stacking scam. These are REAL check-writing business credit lines  

In the past, Merrill has offered coaching packages to help you get those credit lines for $5000 or more. But here’s the crazy part, he is now offering to teach you how to get what he calls these “trophy” lines of credit…for FREE.  

It’s true. I have talked to him personally about this. He has invited us to learn about this revolutionary business funding process in a free web class called:  

"How a Newly-Discovered Legal Banking Hack Will Print YOU Checks up to $1,000,000 for Your Real Estate Deals Using Unsecured, Stated-Income, Business Credit Lines at 5% - 7% from Top-Tier Banks in as Little as 120 Days. WITHOUT NEEDING Collateral, Tax Returns,Financials (or Hitting Up Your Aunt Mabel!)"  

In this FREE web class Merrill will reveal the 3 SECRETS TO FUNDABILITY and show you how to get access to the most inexpensive bank money available so you can buy more notes and flip more properties—simply by writing a credit line check: 

1. He will reveal how to ethically hack bank underwriting systems for up to $1,000,000 in "CHEAP and EASY" money  

2. You will learn why you must have a qualified funding entity to attract lenders and how to clone one in less than 24 hours. 

3. You will discover how to transform your personal credit profile into a "Business Funding Machine” regardless of your current financial situation or credit score!  


In fact, here's just a sample of what he told me he will cover at his FREE webclass:  

* Why 99% of real estate investors and note buyers can't get cheap bank money
* The number one key to saying goodbye to expensive hard money and private money costs
* How to get big dollar loans by taking advantage of automatic bank underwriting systems
* The top 3 essential elements you need to have a fundable business
* Learn the real SECRET for using the “velocity of credit”to put hundreds of thousands in your pocket
* Turn decades into days by avoiding the 3 most common real estate investor mistakes that kill your fundability
* Answer the question—How can I easily qualify for “trophy”business credit lines?
* Answer the question—What is a funding "Golden Goose” and how do I get it to lay golden eggs for me?”
*  Answer the question—How can I tell the difference between true business credit and what business credit “predators” are promoting (while ruining my personal credit in the process)? ... and much, MUCH More!  


If I were you, I would NOT miss this training—if for no other reason than to find out what Merrill and his team are up to—and gain a next-level education on how to be fundable while you are at it!


PS: Merrill sent me these, and I thought I would pass them on to you. Here’s what others are saying about this web class:

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