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The Game is Won in the 4th Quarter!

I was a pretty big sports fan growing up. I still am, to a degree, but I don't take the time to watch games as I once did. Of all the games, my favorite was basketball. Now, a little-known secret: I tried to walk on for the Junior Varsity team at the University of Oregon. I almost became a Kamikaze Kid, I was just too short. Still am. 


If you watch and study sports, at least the sports that use a time clock, you'll notice that the most competitive part of the game is always the 4th quarter. In fact, for most games, you can just tune into the final 12 minutes of the game to see who wins. That's because the athletes pace their energy for the final push. They know that they can hang tight throughout the first 3 quarters, and muster up a final effort for the final quarter. Such is the same in the note business.

Many note sellers are focusing on liquating parts of their portfolio in the last quarter of the year. They are focusing their big efforts on rebalancing their portfolio and a final push towards their annual bonus. Note sellers generally move their most product at this time of year. October and November could be huge months, as we would need to fund on any acquisitions prior to year-end. Now is the time to rebalance your portfolio. If passively investing in promissory notes secured by real estate seems interesting, I would welcome a call. Let's at least chat before the final buzzer sounds.

Small business owners, like myself, need to continually educate themselves on being a business. Even with tax changes and economic cycles, most aspects of running a business are rooted in foundational truths. Because of that, we will be traveling to the Seattle, WA area this weekend for a 1-day Business Owners Workshop hosted by Mark J. Kohler. Mark is my go-to guy for business strategies, structure, tax savings and building wealth. If you are a small business owner in the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere for that matter, I encourage you to click on this link for more information on his workshop. He is also having this workshop in Kaneohe, Hawaii on December 1st. Imagine going to Hawaii as a complete write-off.

Thanks for reading. I always am honored that you would take the time to read these messages. Let's finish the year strong and bounce boldly into the new year.



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