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The Number 1 Risk for Real Estate Investors Now

What’s the top risk that investors in real estate are facing today?

There is still a lot of opportunity out there. There are great deals to be made. Yet, it is also true that it is taking more attention to detail and effort to find the really profitable deals. Market well, in addition to buying, structuring, and managing right, and you’ll be okay if…


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The 3 Things Investors Need Most in 2019

Do you have the three things you need most out of your investing for this year and beyond?

Many are finding it hard to make sense of the market right now. The media headlines proclaim the economy is awesome and supercharged with growth and low unemployment. Yet, the hard data and other signals suggest there are some corrections in the works. The bottom…


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This is the Best Day of the Year for Real Estate Investors

What is the best day of the year for real estate investors?

I think Mother’s Day is a strong contender. It’s hard to beat from both a business point of view, and in being personally meaningful.

If you’re not a mother yourself, then you’ve got mothers in your life. Either they work with or for you, rent from you, support you in your investing, or…


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Fannie Mae Chief Economist gives Economic Forecast!


Hello Investor;

We have the rare…


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Arbitrage: The Intelligent Strategy for Making More, While Doing Less

Arbitrage is both a very basic concept and a high level strategy deployed by sophisticated investors and entrepreneurs. It’s used for efficiently creating great profits, with a lot less hassle and stress. So, how does it work? Who is using it? How can you apply it?

Who Uses Arbitrage to Supersize their Potential &…


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How to Use Fund Investing to Over-Collateralize Your Capital

Is it time to rethink the way you think about funds and invest in them?

There are all types of funds. Some are far better and safer than others. Some see all the gains eaten up in fees and admin costs. Others generously pass on great gains to participating investors, even though their upfront estimates may have been modest. There’s a good chance that…


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Every Month | July 9, 2015

July 9, 2015, was the date the first funding request was facilitated at

Since that day 4 years ago has helped to provide funding for tens of thousands of investors all around the…


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Meet Us In La Jolla on April 6th!

Pass this on to at least 5 associates, please...…

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Manhattan’s Loss is New Jersey’s Gain

Manhattan has fallen. For over a year the heart of the Big Apple has been battling a real estate correction. While it may not be fun for NYC homeowners, it makes other markets like New Jersey look really appealing to investors.

The Fall of Manhattan

Manhattan’s real estate market has been beaten up, beat down and stomped on over the last…


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Two NEW REICs Join the Southern California Investor Landscape




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Why Investing Right Before Tax Refund Season Can Give You An Advantage

This can be one of the best times of the year to acquire new real estate assets. Even more so if you are risk averse and prefer shorter investment cycles. Here’s why…

According to …


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All in a Day's Work (shop)!

Crush It! - 2019 Learn The Secrets of Real Estate Success

In the first months of the year, the Bay Area Wealth Builders Association (BAWB) presents an all-day workshop called "Crush It! - 2019 Learn The Secrets of Real Estate Success". This author attended last year's Crush It class held in February, 2018, and another one is coming up on Saturday, March 23, 2019. Here is what to expect.…


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Register for Our FREE Training - RSVP TODAY!

Did YOU Register for This?…

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U. Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn, New York

Need assistance for relocating your furniture?- furniture movers Brooklyn from U. Santini are at your service! Relocating a furniture is not always an easy thing. Especially, if your furniture is large and you can

not do it by yourself. You should consider contacting furniture movers Brooklyn for this type of relocation. With a huge experienced and moving experts in our company, you can be sure that your furniture is

going to…


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Common Home Heating Myths Debunked

7 Common Home Heating Myths Debunked created by Logan AC & Heat Services.

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Sell the Beneficial Interest in a Land Trust, Not Real Property. Here's Why

This short video explains why it helps everyone to sell the Beneficial Interest in a Land Trust on contract, rather than selling the deed on contract. For one thing, it makes it easier for you to "Be the Bank!"

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5 Ways To Revive Your Passion For Real Estate This Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! Check out these five ways to revive and fuel your passion for real estate…

Whether you are burning out from a crazy sprint at the beginning of the year, have had tough times dealing with contractors recently, or could just use a little more inspiration to get to the next level, this is a great day to take some action.



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Why Savvy Investors Are Glad The New Correction Is Here

While all real estate is local, and trends take their time to circulate, it’s becoming undeniable that there has been some notable changes in the temperature of the market. This is exactly the moment many investors have been waiting for…

The last nine years have provided a great run up in US property prices. Many have gained great windfalls in equity.…


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We Fund Dreams Here... Access Realty411's Unlimited Capital Sources BOTH U.S.-Based & International



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Hello,Keeping businesses informed of new or expanded Federal Tax Programs is very important to us. We’ve identified a tax credit that Client Company immediately qualifies for and want to reach out to you personally.This program falls under the Worker’s Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), and is a Federal tax credit available to all employers who hire and retain qualified individuals. Employers currently claim about $1 billion in credits each year…Continue

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