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I Love It When a Plan Comes Together


The "A-Team" was a very popular show back in the early 1980's. The premise of the show was a former Special Forces group that was wrongfully…


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Alea iacta est ~ The Die is Cast


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I Have All the Time There Is!

Costco is one of my favorite stores. They built one just after we moved into our house so that I can go there at least three times a week. They have clothes that fit, my favorite coffee, roasted chicken and a large selection of organic fruits and vegetables. Plus,…


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Winners Know When to Quit


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The Lure of a Vision

I used to go fishing a lot more than I do now. In fact, I was a bit of a fly fisherman. I had a fly-tying kit, would try to get inside the mind of a rainbow trout, and tie a fly I thought they would want to eat. At the time, I had a small creek that ran…


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Sharpening the Axe

I remember hearing a story in my youth about two burly lumberjacks that had bragged they were the fastest tree fallers in the state. After all, living in the Pacific Northwest we heard lots of lumberjack stories. Both were large, strong men and knew their way around…


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Happy Easter!! A short message

Happy Easter, everyone. Because of the significance of this day, this will be short. We've got some pork loin slow cooking in the kitchen and the house is full of that aroma. 

We are at the end of the first quarter of 2018, and I am behind on my note…


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Driving on the Fast Track


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Seventeen Inches!

For the past 2 years I've been diligently typing out my journey with my note investing business. Each of those emails have always been my own creation, thoughts and experiences. Today, however, I ran across this writing that speaks a lot to a way of doing things. So with baseball starting Spring Training this past week, I do hope you enjoy and see my point.

In Nashville, Tennessee, during the first week of January, 1996, more that 4,000 baseball coaches descended upon the Opryland…


Added by Cody Cox on February 25, 2018 at 4:53pm — No Comments

If It Isn't Broke, Go Ahead & Fix Ut!

I'm old school. I grew up in a time and place where if something was broken, we'd fix it. We weren't able to run down to the one-stop shopping center and replace what was broke. Plus, we never really had the money to buy something new. We had to find a way to make something work without a real replacement part. That was good, because I broke a lot of things. I had to be creative to fix what I broke. Some of you might not understand this, but this was before the internet. I couldn't go to…


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The Heart of the Matter!

There is going to be a lot of chocolate given this week. Which also means there will be a lot of chocolate consumed this week. I love the way chocolate releases the endorphins in my brain and that warm, fuzzy feeling it gives. I can't seem to get enough.…


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Blurring the Shiny Squirrel


Added by Cody Cox on January 28, 2018 at 8:23pm — No Comments

Notes With a Side of Bacon

I've said multiple times in the past that in the note business, everyday is a day of education. Everyday provides for another learning opportunity, or as my HR Manager says, "another opportunity to excel." One of the many things I learned this week is there is a website that will show you the…


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Results are the Name of the Game

One of my first jobs as a kid was mowing lawns. I liked mowing lawns, and for the most part I still do. You are outdoors, enjoying nature in the back yard, the smell of…


Added by Cody Cox on January 14, 2018 at 6:47pm — 1 Comment

Simplify ~ Busting Down the Wall

When I was a youth, I was pretty crazy about sports. I'm still interested in sports, but not like I was back then. I was pretty sure I wanted to be a coach. I never could dunk it or throw the hail Mary, but I could shoot. When I was  at the U of O (Go…


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Dealing With Rejection as a Note Investor

I've been in sales in a variety of capacities since the mid-1980's. Well really, we've all been in sales since the moment of birth. We were pretty convincing at that time, demanding what we needed. Somehow, over the years that changed. But when I started getting paid for being in sales, and understanding the tremendous opportunity for an income that was not capped, the stark realization hit quickly that you will have to deal with objections…


Added by Cody Cox on December 13, 2017 at 7:06pm — No Comments

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