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Turbo Charging Your Investing Through Your IRA

One of the best rewards of being in real estate over the past few years is seeing how more individuals and families are taking advantage of self-directed retirement accounts to fast track their investments and pay less in taxes.

This is a great country that still has a lot of freedoms and opportunity. If we take advantage of them that is. Not many…


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Cars and Real Estate

Before I discovered real estate I had a passion for cars. I even owned a body shop as one of my first businesses. I now keep my businesses and investments diversified within the real estate industry. Yet, I still love cars, and there are a lot of great lessons that correlate between the two.

When I was younger (and often lived above my means) I had Range Rovers and new BMWs. I would lease and trade in every year to get the latest model. I liked to live flashy, like many new real…


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Finding Mortgage Note Investments That Still Work

Yes! There are still mortgage note investments out there that still work. Finding them is all about knowing where to look, being able to recognize the diamond in the rough and knowing how to extract value from them.

This is really the perfect analogy for the current real estate and mortgage note landscape. As you know, there are vast acres of land in…


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Why Private Funds Are More Attractive Than Ever

Private funds are becoming increasingly attractive to investors. As more understand their superior benefits, and the necessity of this type of asset in their portfolios, both individual investors and institutional ones are weighting their portfolios more heavily with them.

Avoiding Volatility

One of the big reasons for the shift to private…


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The Best Inheritance You Can Leave Your Kids

What inheritance are you leaving your children?

I know you would probably expect me to say “mortgage notes,” or “passive income properties.” Those are great investments. They might be some of the best types of assets to pass on in an estate. Yet, there are some things which are far more important!

Financial Independence

We all know school has become all but worthless. With the exception of those schools and colleges the big funds and local governments which have turned…


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Finding Mortgage Note Investments That Still Work

Are there still mortgage note investment opportunities out there? If so, where are they hiding?

The market is constantly changing. A lot of newer investors or those still on the sidelines watching the field see news about notes being harder to get or trading with lower discounts, and wonder if…


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How To Deal With Contractors

50% or more of your success in real estate is going to come down to how you deal with contractors. You can find and negotiate great property deals all day long, have all the capital in the world, and even be great at leasing and resales. However, if you don’t have great contractors and don’t…


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Every Tenant Has A Story

Every tenant has a story to tell. Especially when it comes to trying to get into a rental, or not being able to pay the rent. How do you deal with it as a landlord?

Some landlords have been burned a lot, or have heard the war stories and have become incredibly cynical. They don’t have any patience for tenants, no matter what the story. They never give them the benefit of the doubt.

It is a shame when some people’s passion for helping others that got them into this industry…


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The 3 W’s of Constant Self-Improvement

Constant self-improvement is a vital habit for anyone who wants to be successful. That applies to your finances, relationships, businesses, investments, and your health and happiness.

Why Invest in Constant Self-Elevation

I prefer to refer to this as ‘self-elevation’. If you are not improving and moving up, you are slipping. A plane can’t just hang there in mid air. It has to stay in motion. You can’t just sit back and think your relationships with your kids or others are okay…


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Where To Get The Money To Start Investing In Notes Now

Our funds have attracted millions of dollars from many savvy individual investors. Yet, as I go out to visit our job sites and tour the country to speak at industry events, I continue to run into people who just seem stuck. They may be making enough money to get by, but they still haven’t made…


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The Impact Generation Z Will Have On The Housing Market

The speed at which my sons are growing up is a constant reminder of how quickly the next generation is becoming a major factor in the housing market. Just what impact will they have? What does it mean for today’s investors?

Generation Z: Even Bigger Than Millennials?

Gen Z…


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The Only 2 Ways To Improve Your Finances

There are only two ways to improve your financial situation and future.

There are all types of get rich quick hacks out there today. The bottom line though, is that there are really only two ways to fix and better the dynamics of your money situation.

1. Lower Your Expenses



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The 5 Most Important Parts Of Creating A Legacy That Lasts

Most of us have someone we want to make sure is well provided for and we do what we can to ensure that they will be in a financially good position even after we’re gone. For me it is my sons and my mom.

So, how do you create a legacy and the financial provision that will last and take care of…


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Focus & Multiple Streams Of Income: Everything Real Estate

Fresh off of this morning’s six mile run, I’m more pumped and hungry to grow and do even more in real estate. I also feel it is just as important to share why I exited multiple successful businesses to focus solely on real estate.

Prior to 2008 I read the book Multiple Streams of Income…


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What Running Teaches Us About Being Successful Investors

What does running teach us about being a successful real estate or note investor?

I like running in the morning. Every morning I can, I get up and run to the gym before hitting the office. It has a lot of mental, in addition to physical and health benefits. It’s also…


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Most Dangerous House Flipping Myths On TV

House flipping TV shows have inspired at least thousands to change the dynamics of their finances, lives and futures. They have also become seriously dangerous for many who have leaned on them as their only source of knowledge for investing in real estate. It’s like being your own doctor, surgeon…


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Homeowners Sitting On Record Amount Of Home Equity

American homeowners are now sitting on a record $5.8B in tappable home equity. What are they doing with it? What should they do with it?

According to the data from mortgage analytics company Black Knight, American homeowners now have more positive equity than ever before.…


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The Importance Of Celebrating Your Successes

I’ve personally found that one of the most critical areas in which entrepreneurs and business owners let themselves down in is celebrating their successes. Improving on this one simple metric can add far more fuel for growth and greater achievements than pure hustle and hard work…


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The Biggest Real Estate Investment Mistake I Made In 2018

It is always better to learn from other people’s mistakes than to have to experience them for yourself. This week I want to share what has been my…


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30 Rehabs In 30 Months

We just completed the last of 30 rehabs in 30 months. Find out what it took, and what some of our projects looked like when finished.

How many rehabs can you do, and do well? I took the 30 month challenge. AKA - ‘how to lose 15 lbs without dieting’. Here’s why I did it and some of what it takes…


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