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November 2017 Blog Posts (24)

Money Mindset - The Importance of Positive Thinking by Cappi Pidwell

Article by Cappi Pidwell -- Photographs by

Have you tried many things to increase your income and your financial results, and yet you’re still not where you want to be?

Are you ready to take yourself to the next level of success? Investing in your Money Mindset is the “best location” to…


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Make Money on the BUY - Not When You Sell. Learn to CASH IN NOW with an Acquisition Fee at the Time of Purchase.

The Step-By-Step Strategy on How I Recently Acquired a BIG, FAT FEE on the Purchase of a $160,000 Rental Unit.

by Linda Pliagas, publisher of Realty411 and REI Wealth…


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Be Sure to Keep Up with Our Daily Posts - Tips, Techniques, Strategies and More!…


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Learn More About this Paradise Valley Assisted Living Development in Fairfield, CA


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New Tax Proposals Heap Pressure On Real Estate Investors

Massive new tax reform expected to be made law by 2018 is heaping a ton of pressure on many real estate investors. Pressure to restructure investments, and switch up their strategies. What’s at stake? Where are the safe havens, and tax saving vehicles now?

The Breaks at Stake

While the details of the sweeping tax overhaul are still being negotiated, there are some pretty significant tax breaks on the chopping block. This includes wiping out the ability to write off…


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More Reasons To Invest In Self-Storage Facilities

Although it is definitely not as sexy as gleaming office buildings or sparkling shopping centers, self-storage facilities are appealing to more and more investors every day. Why? Because they are a rock solid investment that often turn out to be better than other kinds of real estate.

Besides being recession-resistant (everybody needs to store their extra stuff in good times and bad), self-storage investors don’t need to hustle to turn a profit since the breakeven occupancy rate for…


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EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL REPORT: Cannabis is The Latest Real Estate Play by Stacee Nelson

Photographs by

Exclusive Report by Stacee Nelson

Commercial real estate markets are seeing unprecedented growth-stemming from the legalization of medical and recreational (adult use) use of cannabis. In nearly all states which have legalized cannabis, the limited number of commercial land…


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Proposed Tax Reform Bills Spare Section 1031

This week we got the first glimpse into what tax reform may look like under the current administration. Most real estate investors were specifically concerned with proposed reductions or elimination of section #1031 and 1031 exchanges.

But investors across the country are breathing a sigh of relief, as neither the House nor Senate bill proposals include any changes to section 1031. However, there are some proposed changes that have those in the world of residential real estate shaking…


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Nearly 4,000 Investors Registered for a Realty411 Event in 2017 - PRELIMINARY NUMBERS ARE IN

Realty411, Still the Fastest-Growing Magazine, Finishes the Year Hosting 27 Events in Eight States Across the Nation.


The preliminary numbers are in and according to, nearly 4,000 people registered for a Realty411 or Real Estate Wealth event this year.…


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Constructive Receipt: A Hidden 1031 Exchange Danger

When done correctly, a #1031 exchange can be a fairly straightforward process. However, there is often one area that catches potential exchangers off guard. The concept of constructive receipt often torpedoes the tax deferred nature of an exchange, and subjects the exchanger to immediate capital gains taxes.

So what is constructive receipt and how is it different than actual receipt? Actual receipt is easy to identify – the exchanger directly receives the sale proceeds from the…


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Learn About the Upcoming FIND & FLIP Summit By Kent Clothier in this EXCLUSIVE Interview!

[caption id="attachment_4266" align="aligncenter" width="970"] Don't miss this fantastic event, we'll see YOU there! CLICK HERE[/caption]



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Small Business Credit Lines Available

Please review this important email.…

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Exchange Basics: What is Boot?

You won’t find the word “boot” anywhere in Section #1031 of the IRS tax code. Yet this term is one you must be familiar with when considering a 1031 exchange. Boot is an important concept to understand, because it has the potential to negatively influence the tax deferred nature of a 1031 exchange.

“Boot” is any value the investor receives that is over and above the value of the relinquished property once the 1031 transactions are completed. Boot can come in the form…


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Four Things Running Taught Me About Investing

I like to run to the gym every morning before I head into the office. I not only feel healthier from doing it, but definitely benefit from greater productivity during the day, and have found it has given me many insights on investing too.

Here are four key takeaways that have really helped me...

One: Doing & Consistency

It can be really hard to start running. Especially if you’ve taken a good amount of time off and have gotten out of the habit. Then it can seem…


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Why You Should Say Yes to a Self-Storage TIC

The concept of a self-storage tenancy in common investment is unique. It allows individual investors to co-own profitable self-storage facilities at a fraction of the cost of buying such a property on their own. This allows an individual investor to enjoy corporate-level returns, including monthly cash flows, without the corporate-level investment.

But there are other benefits too, like:

  • As an…

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Tax Reform Proposal Targets Everything But Real Estate

For real estate investors carefully watching Washington for signs of section 1031’s fate under proposed tax reform, the recent data coming out is letting most breathe a sigh of relief. It appears that Republican proposals will preserve #1031 exchanges for real estate.

However, section 1031 won’t carry on unchanged. The tax reform proposals are aiming to eliminate the exchange process for anything but real estate, leaving those who rely on it to exchange other goods, like pricey art…


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Download Our Atlanta Expo Schedule - Join Hundreds Who Have Already Registered


Join us for our Complimentary Conference and learn the latest strategies, techniques and tips from active investors from around the nation, including throughout Georgia, PLUS: California, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Texas and more!

Learn about Private Money, Local Deals, Out-of-State Opportunities, Private Capital, Business Expansion, Wholesaling, Tax Liens and More.…


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An Intro to Tenancy In Common Investments

Recently, Self-Storage TICS, LLC debuted a rare investment opportunity. They introduced the concept of a Tenancy in Common (TIC) ownership strategy for self-storage facilities. And while this concept is unique it is also quite beneficial to investors. But if you’re unfamiliar with the #TIC concept, you may be uncomfortable with the thought of investing in one.

Read on to learn the basics about Tenancies in Common and discover how they can help you safe on capital gains taxes down the…


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NJ Ranks #1 For Foreclosure Property Opportunities

New Jersey still ranks first in the country for foreclosures. What opportunities are there?

According to the latest data from ATTOM and RealtyTrac, NJ leads the US with the highest density of foreclosures. What does it means for investors?

According to the latest numbers, 1 in every 623 housing units in NJ was in some stage of foreclosure in August 2017. Those numbers are equal to what some states were experiencing in the pit of the 2008 foreclosure crisis. So, what’s behind…


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