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Family Wealth: 5 Vital Steps For Ensuring Your Succession Plans

One of the most pressing concerns, and what keeps us up at night more than anything else is taking care of our loved ones. We can work hard, save money, and spoil our kids while we are around, but that may not be able to really see our biggest wishes for them for the long term realized. Whether it is a cause you are passionate about, or your concern is putting your kids at the helm of your estate and you’d like them to flourish, what essential moves should be made to see it come…


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Self-Storage TIC Investments Explained

We have recently launched a Tenant In Common (#TIC) product specific to the Self-Storage Industry. As many of you know, my entire life, from every possible angle has involved Real Estate. Whether it was working as a closing agent after law school, a real estate appraiser, expert witness work in tax cases, a real estate agent, owning a small residential development company, an owner of a billboard company that ultimately sold out to a national firm or simply a passive investor, I’ve pretty…


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Pros & Cons of TIC Investment Property

If you’re an investor looking for ways to grow your real estate portfolio, but lack the large sums of cash required to purchase more expensive, more lucrative properties, joint ownership might be for you. The most common ways are Delaware Statutory Trusts and Tenancies in Common. Of the two, TICs are the more straightforward.

Recently we introduced an innovative way for individual investors to join the lucrative world of self-storage facility ownership. Through our new investment…


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Key Deadlines In Every 1031 Exchange

If you’re thinking about completing a 1031 exchange for investment or business real estate, you should have a thorough understanding of all the deadlines involved. Failing to meet even one can jeopardize the tax-deferred nature of your transactions.

The good news is there are really only two key deadlines to keep in mind, and compliance is not complicated. It does, however, require due diligence and careful counting of calendar days.

  • You must identify or receive your…

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Beware Unexpected Boot in a 1031 Exchange

When it comes to #1031 exchanges, the key to full tax-deferral of capital gains is avoiding any real or constructive receipt of sale proceeds or other income related to the overall transactions. It sounds easy enough in theory, but many investors unwittingly violate this rule – and end up with taxable funds – when it comes to prepaid rent and security deposits on relinquished rental properties.

In a typical, non-1031 exchange closing, any prepaid rents or security deposits held by the…


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FROM COAST TO COAST – Five Events Left for 2017 – Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Expand, Grow & Connect Your Way to Success.


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4 Smart Moves For Improving Your Investment Portfolio

There’s always room for improvement. What adjustments would make your investment portfolio even better?

Even if your investment portfolio is performing well, there are always tweaks for fine tuning it. If you aren’t getting all you want out of your investments yet, then definitely consider how you can implement these things to really up your results.


Most individuals are woefully underprepared when it comes to diversification. Some may feel…


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What is "Drop & Swap" In a 1031 Exchange?

When real property is held by a partnership or limited liability company, often disagreements can arise among the partners as to how to handle net proceeds when the property is sold. Some investors want to conduct a #1031 exchange while others simply want to sell for cash.

When competing interests are in play, how can everyone be satisfied? One answer is what is known as a “drop and swap.”

In such a…


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Realty411 to Finish Year Hosting 27 Events in Eight States Promoting Real Estate Investing and Entrepreneurship. Personal Wealth Strategies Shared.

by Lori Peebles, Staff Writer | Oct. 23, 2017 | 10 am PST

Los Angeles, California - Realty411, the nation's only real estate investing magazine based in California and freely distributed online and on newsstands, grocery stores, libraries, coffee stores will finish 2017 reaching a new record of hosting educational events in eight states.

This year marked Realty411's 10-year anniversary. The company began with an $800…


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Doing a Reverse Exchange

As the name suggests, a reverse 1031 exchange is the opposite of a standard 1031 exchange. It occurs when an investor locates and acquires replacement property before he or she sells the relinquished property. This type of exchange is designed to allow investors to take advantage of an excellent investment opportunity even if it doesn’t come along at exactly the right time for a traditional exchange.

However, as with any type of 1031 exchange, the IRS imposes strict procedures and…


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4 Fun Ways To Get A New Perspective On Your Investments

Try out these fun ways to get a new perspective on your investments, and live a little too while you’re at it…

Sometimes burying your head in the numbers too long doesn’t help achieve those breakthroughs or lead to the insights you really need to leap toward your goals. Often those “a-ha” moments come when you are doing something else. So, give yourself a pass to enjoy life a little more this month, and you might just find more of the answers you are looking for at the same…


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Tenancy in Common Simplified

Tenancy in Common (TIC) is a way for two or more individuals to have an undivided fractional ownership interest in a single piece of real property. With a #TIC, each owner has individual rights and obligations related to the property. These rights equal the proportionate share of the owner’s interest.

A TIC is a popular way for individuals with shared interests outside of property ownership to continue that relationship with their joint property ownership. It is also a great way for…


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6 Tips for Identifying 1031 Exchange Replacement Property - Part 2

Yesterday, we shared with you some tips on properly identifying replacement property in your exchange. Today, we conclude this series with a few final thoughts. Each should become a requisite part of your process, so that your #1031 exchange does not fail due to an error in identifying replacement property.

Manner Of…


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Six Tips for Identifying 1031 Exchange Replacement Property - Part 1

The IRS is strict when it comes to applying the rules governing 1031 exchanges. Every year, hundreds of proposed exchanges fail because the investor fails to meet one of the requirements set forth in the code.

One of the biggest areas where mistakes are made? Identifying the replacement property.

To make sure you don’t make a misstep here and jeopardize your next exchange, we offer our top tips for identification. Tomorrow, we will share our final tips.

3 Property…


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Learn More About Self-Storage TICS & 1031 Exchanges This Weekend in NYC

If you’re in the New York City area this weekend, please plan to join me at the Realty411 Real Estate Investors Conference & Expo at The Watson Hotel in Manhattan. I’ll be speaking on the topics of #1031 exchanges and the emerging investment market of self-storage tenancy in common (TIC) investments, plus sharing information I’ve learned in my two decades as a real estate investor myself.

To register for this informative networking event, please visit: …


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Real Estate Investors: Essential Tips For Navigating Hurricanes

What essential steps should real estate investors make to navigate hurricanes and major storms?

Hurricane Harvey and the several following major storms have been a big wake up call to real estate investors to have a plan for weather and natural disasters like these. Here are some of the most important moves you can make to minimize risk and maintain great performance from your property portfolio.


Diversification is critical. It is far better to…


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Yes, You Can Use Section 1031 for a Vacation Home Exchange

For many individuals, the sale and replacement of a second home will incur capital gains taxes. The good news is that, if appropriate rules are followed, these homeowners can benefit from the tax-deferral benefit of a #1031 exchange.

The rules governing such transactions are explained in Revenue Procedure 2008-16. Here the IRS offers clarification to a previously confusing section of 1031 code. As of March 10, 2008, vacation home exchanges will qualify if all of the following are…


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Why Exchange Instead of Sell?

When you do it right, a #1031 exchange allows you to defer paying all of the capital gains taxes, which equates to a long-term and interest-free loan from the IRS. Nice, right? In addition, you also have all your gross net equity available to reinvest so you can acquire bigger and better real estate. This would not be possible if you had simply sold outright. Why? Because you would have paid capital gains taxes on the sale.

So at the end of the day, the real advantage of a 1031…


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